K9 Essentials FitClub

Course Information

Incorporate obedience in a fun and positive learning environment! Experience our FitClub classes using FitPAWs® canine conditioning equipment such as peanuts, donuts, wobble boards, and more to strengthen your dog's core through balancing and interactive activities. Your class is instructed by a Certified Canine Fitness Instructor.

Fun Fitness Class
- Learn body awareness
- Basic obedience cues and behaviour
- Learn about K9 balance, strengthening and flexibility
- Progress to new fitness activity levels
- Enjoy fun bonding activities with your dog in a positive reinforcement learning environment

Hours: 1 hour per week for six weeks.
Maximum: 6 students
Prerequisite: None
Registration fee: $185 plus GST


In K9 Essentials FitClub, you will learn how to:

• Build confidence
• Basic obedience cues and behavior
• Body awareness
• Introduce them to new objects and novel items
• Learn balance, use core strength, build flexibility
• Engage your dog mentally and physically


Vaccination Requirements 

All dogs must have vaccinations for canine distemper, canine parvovirus and rabies within the last three years. We also accept serum antibody titer tests.