K9 Essentials Level One

 This six week class is for dogs 6 months or older who are still learning the basics of obedience or maybe need a refresher. There is no prerequisite class for K9 Essentials Level One.

Hours: 1 hour per week for six weeks. 
Maximum: 6 students
Prerequisite: None
Registration fee: $180 plus GST


"Gail’s approach to training has provided me with insight into Cheeto’s motivations. He still does things on Cheeto time but is more attentive and responsive to commands. The information that Gail provides on behaviours allows for individual training needs while still in a group setting. Adding a “play time” into each session makes it more fun than just working on commands for both of us." - Rose D. Mission, BC



In K9 Essentials Level One, we will cover:

• Develop effective communication with your dog
• Use positive reinforcement to shape behavior
• Sit, Stand, Down, Stay
• Leave it and Drop it
• Loose Leash Walking techniques
• Calm Greetings, Jumping Up issues
Come when called
• Introduction to canine body language
• and more!


Vaccination Requirements 

All dogs must have vaccinations for canine distemper, canine parvovirus and rabies within the last three years. We also accept serum antibody titer tests.