K9 Essentials Manners

Unruly adolescent?
Does your dog need a training refresher?
This is the class for you!

Hours: 1 hour per week for five weeks
Maximum: 6 students
Prerequisite: None
Registration fee: $175 plus GST

Class date TBA

Contact Us about our flexible start and attend schedule, to help with your busy schedule.

In K9 Essentials Manners, we will cover a variety of topics including:

• Wait nicely at the door
Jumping up
• Appropriate greetings
• Go to your place with Stay
• Leave it
• Drop it
• On and Off
• And more... 


Vaccination Requirements 

All dogs must have vaccinations for canine distemper, canine parvovirus and rabies within the last three years. We also accept serum antibody titer tests.