DogSafe® 101 Course Registration


In DOGSAFE® 101, You will Learn How to:

• prevent common injuries
• conduct a head to tail assessment
• tell if your dog is experiencing pain
• recognize 4 signs of illness or injury
• respond to any emergency in 4 easy steps
• safely approach an injured dog
• take your dog's vital signs and 3 other health tests
• perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
• perform artificial respiration
• remove an airway obstruction (choking)
• prevent and treat for shock
• control deadly bleeding
• deal with penetrating objects
• prevent and treat eye injuries
• prevent and treat abdominal wounds
• recognize risk factors and respond to bloat
• prevent and respond to drowning
• assess and respond to bone and joint injuries
• prevent and respond to poisonings
• prevent and respond to frostbite and hypothermia
• prevent and respond to heatstroke
• treat minor burns
• treat various wounds